Genomes and Species

The Aspmine offers a unique opportunity to analyze millions of years of evolution over a set of diverse species. Following the link below, each genome can be inspected in terms of functional annotation, number of predicted genes, assembly quality and other genome quality measure.

Genome quality and annotationaspmineDataPlot

The analysis of the Aspmine are based on protein sequence alignments using BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool [1] ). BLAST has long been considered a reliable tool to identify evolutionary homologous sequences, provided that the database used is not too biased. We have investigated the effect of different BLAST cutoffs when comparing all proteins to each other across all of the Aspmine species and reference strains. The results can be browsed by following the link below. this analysis produces a so-called BLASt matrix, where the proteome of each organism is compared to the proteome of all other organisms.


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