New species of section Sparsi, Ochraceorosei, Tanneri and Robusti

Species of section Sparsi, A. funiculosus, A. implicatus and A. biplanus are found in warm soil climates and produce antimicrobial compounds and toxins such as kojic acid, auraglaucin, gregatins, funicin and sidins. The section Ochraceorosei (suggested  2009) consists of A. ochraceoroseus and A. rambelii. A. ochraceoroseus, these species produce the mycotoxin aflatoxin B1. The analysis... Continue Reading →


Explore secondary metabolism gene cluster families

Construction of Secondary Metabolism Gene Cluster (SMGC) families was archived in a multi-step process. The initial step is the identification of SMGC which is done using an in-house wrapper for the SMURF algorithm [REF]. Protein products of the resulting SMGCs were compared to each other by alignment using BLASTp (BLAST+ suite version 2.2.27, e-value <= 10^-10).... Continue Reading →

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